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the a.bridge audit…benchmarking technology performance

What do Your Customers Really Think About Their Technology Provision?
The Perception Piece – Benchmarking the Performance and Relevance of the Existing Service Catalogue Against Service Level Data

  • Business Benefits
      • Remapping the Service Catalogue to relevant business application to demonstrate fiscal value
      • Resurface return on investment metrics (Investment v Run budget)

usage & adoption of technology

Ensuring new and existing service releases don’t languish gathering dust and are actually used

  • Business Benefits
      • Increased adoption of technologies delivering projected return on investment and organisational credibility
      • Less support calls (less cost) increase in service levels (better service communications)
      • Increased future IT alignment opportunities

technology relationship management

Triaging & Translation – When Communication Breaks Down

  • Business Benefits
      • Mediation to mend broken communication.
      • Incident Management -Triage between technology and the customer
      • Prevention of costly change requests at delivery stage of new initiatives
      • Best practice in aligning IT to their customer – case studies & methodology mapping
      • Continual Service Improvement

the collaboration workshop

Training IT Managers to Think Like Their Customers

  • Business Benefits
      • A practical framework to enable collaboration – Learning the Language of your customers
      • What the business need to tell you – Setting boundaries and expectations to keep projects on track
      • Gathering meaningful feedback from customers and sponsors – benchmarking
      • How to design better Service Levels to deliver higher performance and brand perception
      • Meaningful collaboration with the customer at every level

process (re) engineering

Process management – A bit of Service Oriented Architecture for your service offering to rationalise efficiency. We are especially good at digital media distribution technologies.

  • Business Benefits
      • Creating more efficient processes to optimise commercial return
      • Creating agility and competitive edge

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