Embracing our Inner Green – Green IT

Firstly thank you so much to all those who contacted me regarding the last blog, about why girls still aren’t choosing a career in IT. I was inundated with messages, and I was thrilled by the amount of retweets I had. So a giant thank you for reading and responding. There is nothing better than feedback, for better or worse, so thank you.

It’s been an eventful few weeks. Not least because I suffered the indignity of driving to Disneyland Paris with 5 children and 2 other Mums. As hideous as it sounds, for all of us. 

I find a crisp Sauvignon quite medicinal in these circumstances.

Despite being let off Space Mountain duties and not having a recalcitrant French Mickey groping our kids, the best bit was chatting to a top mum who works in renewable energy. Driving through the Somme, we landed on the topic of why no one truly seems interested in the concept of Green IT. We both shared the view that whenever it’s positioned to technologists, their eyes glaze over and tweety-birds start flying around their heads. Why is this? 

I recently mentioned the Greenpeace Cool IT project to a client. He openly scoffed, saying it if it didn’t save him money he wasn’t interested. That said his department are using some of the technologies and technology providers who Greenpeace are honouring for being the leaders in this space.

Greenpeace published a leader-board (below) illustrating the top companies who are at the vanguard of climate change / energy savings which generally does spur cost savings.


What interests me most is that organisations who are moving to the cloud, are using wireless technologies, video conferencing, SaaS, Thin Client devices, not to mention basic pull, double sided, printing, (I could go on – and on), still don’t think they are contributing to the Green IT movement.

Could this because technologists are often putting out fires left right and centre, hardly ever getting the opportunity to lift their heads up and think about communication? 


Green is everywhere. We are recycling more (up to 90% depending on region in UKI). In my view, we are missing a trick to really align with our customer base at an emotional level. Mention IT departments to anyone, and there is unanimously a negative response. Ask folk to articulate this, and they can’t really. It’s an almost peristaltic reaction at an emotional level. 

Compare that with say, the Apple brand or Virgin in the old days. There is generally a positive response to them at an emotional level. The brand values they espouse we like, trust and feel warm towards.

Could technologists embracing their inner green, and importantly communicating how they are enabling their customers to work Greener (and smarter), be the start of a cultural shift to a more positive innate disposition towards IT?

Would love to debate this further with you…linda.davidson@abridge.tv

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